Book cover - Rafael's Love-Child - Author Hiroko Miura

Rafael's Love-Child

Author Hiroko Miura

  • Release Date: 2018-03-25
  • Genre: Women

Rafael's Love-Child Summary

Rafael's Love-Child - When she woke up in a hospital room, he asked her if she knew who she was. The voice belonged to a black-haired, beautiful and intellectual man named Rafael. According to him, Serena had lost a year’s worth of memories in a car crash, and the car she was riding in belonged to Rafael! She wonders what all this means, but even Rafael doesn’t know. Although Rafael says he’s never seen her before, he’s also visited her in the hospital every day. And since she didn’t have anywhere to go, he’s offered to let her stay in his mansion…as long as she takes care of his motherless child!


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