Book cover - My One and Only Duke - Author Grace Burrowes

My One and Only Duke

Author Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2018-11-06
  • Genre: Historical
Our score: 4
From 229 Ratings

My One and Only Duke Summary

My One and Only Duke - Meet the highly unconventional Wentworth family in this charming USA Todaybestseller with a Cinderella twist, perfect for fans of Mary Balogh.

One minute, London banker Quinn Wentworth is facing execution. The next, he's declared the long-lost heir to a dukedom. Quinn has fought his way up from the worst slums, and now he's ready to use every dirty trick he knows to find the enemy who schemed against him.

Jane Winston, widowed and pregnant, crosses paths with Quinn while her father is preaching to the prisoners. Believing his days are numbered, Quinn offers her marriage as a way to guarantee her independence and provide for her child. Neither thinks they'll actually have a future together.

He's a wealthy gutter rat out for vengeance. She's a minister's daughter who must turn a marriage of desperation into a proper ducal union. Are they doomed from the start or destined for a happily-ever-after?

Also includes the bonus novella Once Upon a Christmas Eve from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt!

When his carriage wheel snaps in a snowstorm, Adam Rutledge, Viscount d'Arque, is forced to seek shelter at the home of the most maddening, infuriating, and utterly beguiling woman he's ever met.
"Skillfully crafted and exquisitely written, Burrowes' latest is pure gold; a brilliant launch to a promising series." --Library Journal
"Burrowes is a writer of towering talent." --USA Today Happy Ever After

My One and Only Duke Review

  • Loved it!

    By angie1229
    Love the intrigue involved in taking a banker to convicted felon to pardoned criminal to duke! I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.
  • Good Start For a New Series

    By Peg1951
    Once upon a time there was a banker waiting to be hanged and a young pregnant widow who accompanies her crazy Vicar Papa when he comes to the prison to perform his mission. The banker and the young woman talk and come to like each other. They marry so that the young woman can take care of herself and the baby, his final act of kindness. Wait… Quinn doesn’t die (it could not have been any closer); he is apparently heir to a duchy and is now the Duke of Walden. Jane is not a twice-widowed mother; she is now a duchess. This is a very entertaining and busy story. Quinn and Jane must learn to handle the responsibilities of their new station while coming to know each other. Jane must also learn to cope with Quinn’s unusual family, which now includes also, not just Jane, but the “staff” Quinn brought out of prison with him. There’s lots to do, so much to learn, including who was behind Quinn’s murder charge and near fatal prison stay. As I said, this is a busy story written in Grace Burrowes typical engaging and witty style. The characters, from the hero and heroine to loveable Ned, exhibit strength, intelligence, caring and confidence (although a little uncertainty appears at times). Well-written descriptions of the characters, the settings, and the circumstances draw the reader into the story. The story is well paced and has some drama, danger, and mystery mixed with the fun and romance. My One and Only Duke is a great beginning for what promises to be another wonderful series by Grace Burrowes. You don’t want to miss it! The bonus novella was a treat! I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
  • Loved it!

    By pegg12
    My One and Only Duke is a compelling rags to riches historical fiction romance. I was captivated and invested in the characters, right from the start. Quinn Wentworth was a gruff, street-wise, rough-around-the-edges, intimidating man. He also had a kind heart. He loved his wacky family, and instead of endangering their lives, he was willing to die for a crime he didn’t commit, to keep them safe. Jane Winston obediently followed her minister father into Newgate Prison. He preached to a group of prisoners, while she visited with inmates in their cells. Although Quinn Wentworth was less than pleased to have anyone bothering him, he was intrigued with the preacher’s daughter. When he discovered that Jane was a pregnant widow and impoverished, he offered to marry her. Quinn wanted to accomplish one last good deed before he was hanged. His only wish was for Jane and her baby to be financially cared for. When Quinn escaped death, no one was more surprised than him to discover that he was the new Duke of Waldon. Instead of enjoying his new title, properties, and bride, Quinn was busy unearthing the conniving scoundrel, who framed him for murder. Although Jane had never expected to live as husband and wife, she was determined to make her marriage work. Jane wasn’t about to tolerate deceit; however, she had too much of that with her first husband. So when Jane caught Quinn fabricating stories and trying to placate her, Jane decided that she’d be better off alone. The trouble was, though, Quinn had already stolen her heart. For all of Quinn’s faults, the duke was kind, loving and very thoughtful. How was Jane ever going to live without the big-hearted brute? My One and Only Duke is an enjoyable, entertaining and well-written novel. The characters are quirky and intriguing. I’m looking forward to Duncan’s story in book two of the series. Thank you, Forever-Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I loved it.


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