Book cover - Roadkill Joe - Author Milo James Fowler

Roadkill Joe

Author Milo James Fowler

  • Release Date: 2018-03-10
  • Genre: Adventure

Roadkill Joe Summary

Roadkill Joe - Joe ain't no hero. He just wants to die.

The kids they call him "Roadkill" on account of how them Horrors sucked him up into the sky to have their way with him, then dropped him in the middle of a street full of traffic. Must've gotten run over five or six times before them cars and trucks stopped to see what they'd hit. But Joe he just stood up without a bone broke in his entire body and not a drop of blood leaking out. His back's hurt him something fierce ever since, but otherwise, he's right as rain.

That's not to say life's been a bed of roses—unless all we're talking about is the thorns.


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