Book cover - Blood Worms - Author Meyari McFarland

Blood Worms

Author Meyari McFarland

  • Release Date: 2018-03-22
  • Genre: African American

Blood Worms Summary

Blood Worms - Esme covered her mouth and nose before sucking in a deep breath.

The kill room stank of death. Odd thing was the skull, hole punched through the top. Question was who'd done it and if there was money to be made turning them in.

Getting intel led Esme from the sewers and right up to the Clockwork Rift that led to Earth.

Intel that threatened not just her life but the lives of the entire human race.

Blood Worms is a Steampunk mystery where everyone can turn against you and the only think keeping you alive is your good weapon… and your lover at your back. You're sure to enjoy this thrilling mystery.


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