Book cover - Royal Treatment - Author Leslie North

Royal Treatment

Author Leslie North

  • Release Date: 2018-05-29
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4
From 5 Ratings

Royal Treatment Summary

Royal Treatment - The Danover Royal family can't weather another scandal following Phillip's notorious wedding. Now, Eric "the spare" is tasked with going full on proper royal to rectify his party boy image. He can start by curing cancer -- or at least working on funding a new scientific breakthrough for breast cancer. But when he finds that the scientist behind the new treatment is sexier than all the sinning he's done in recent years his 'good boy' image change hits a major roadblock. 

Anna Fernstone has happily avoided one royal wedding only to end up engaged financially with the second in line. What are the odds? Surely it wasn't normal for a single scientist to have to ward off everyone in line for the throne. But when Eric proves to know a thing or two about the female breast, Anna is too taken to stop him. With their livelihoods on the line, do they risk a once in a lifetime romance even if it has the potential to ruin the reputations they've worked so hard to build? In the end they'll have to choose what means more: what the world thinks or what they think of each other.

Royal Treatment Review

  • Pleasant read!

    By GreyGirl50
    This book is a quick and pleasant read about Prince Eric of the fictional country of Danovar, and Dr. Anna Fernstone, a research scientist in the field of breast cancer. In an effort to leave his playboy reputation behind, Eric teams together with Anna to fund her research, and she is quite taken with his dedication for the people in his kingdom. Anna is portrayed as an awkward science geek who needs lessons on dating from Eric and of course, he’s more than happy to give her lots of very detailed instruction. The steamy sexual attraction between these two characters is definitely the highlight of the story but I wish there had been more story to read. If you’re looking for a sexy romantic comedy, this is the book for you. I read a copy of this book through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.