Book cover - Art Models Cesar042 - Author Douglas Johnson

Art Models Cesar042

Author Douglas Johnson

  • Release Date: 2018-06-29
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

Art Models Cesar042 Summary

Art Models Cesar042 - Draw, paint, sculpt the figure anytime and anywhere with this portable figure reference.This nude seated pose by Brazilian male model Cesar gives you 28 photos—one every 15 degrees as the model turns through a full circle plus overhead views. Choose your preferred view for 2D art, like painting, or see the whole figure for 3D art, like sculpture. Zoom in to see details in hands and face and other tricky areas, giving you even more options for how to use the photos.Whatever your goal, such as practicing to improve your skills, or creating a finished work of art, or just unwinding at the end of a long day with some figure drawing, Art Models poses provide a quality reference you can come back to again and again. Don't spend hours searching for reference material only to find photos of questionable content and dubious quality. We've spent years in the studio and you get the benefit—expertly crafted photos designed specifically for figure art. Just look through the Art Models covers for the poses that inspire you and get right to the part you actually like: creating art.This ebook has the Cesar042 Pose (from as shown on the cover.