Book cover - Hush - Author Rina Yokoi


Author Rina Yokoi

  • Release Date: 2018-06-19
  • Genre: Women

Hush Summary

Hush - Piper is a beautiful entrepreneur who's opening a high-class hotel in Manhattan. The daughter of a hotel mogul and a famous actress, Piper is known for her audacious exploits and people call her the “tabloid queen.” She decided long ago that if the media was determined to see her as a spoiled heiress, she’d give them what they ask for・・・but while she puts up a brave front, the truth is that she's just a normal young woman who feels lonely and misunderstood. Determined to rein her in, her father sends his right-hand man, Trace, to deal with her. Trace coldly rejected her years ago, but he doesn’t realize that he was Piper's first love! Piper is determined to show him she's not the same girl she was ten years ago, and she invites him to spend a week as her lover.