Book cover - A Storm of Love - Author Terri Brisbin

A Storm of Love

Author Terri Brisbin

  • Release Date: 2018-07-17
  • Genre: Historical

A Storm of Love Summary

A Storm of Love - rom USA TODAY Bestselling author Terri Brisbin…

While magic still glimmered over the lands and people of Scotland and the Vikings ruled the western islands and the north, a woman encounters a powerful Fae prince and could not imagine the consequences that would shape the rest of her life and that of her sons – three brothers who will struggle against their fate to overcome a dreaded curse tied to their own Fae powers.

Agneis of Mull betrayed the Fae prince who loved her and lost everything and everyone. Exiled for her sins to the untamed lands of Argyll, a chance encounter with a younger man offer Agneis the possibility of a new life … and love.

Breac never expected someone like Agneis to come into his life, but he saves her life even as she saves his soul. Can their love, one based on passion, stand against old enemies who now threaten and a dangerous curse of the Fae?