Book cover - Mistress of the Storm - Author Terri Brisbin

Mistress of the Storm

Author Terri Brisbin

  • Release Date: 2018-08-14
  • Genre: Historical

Mistress of the Storm Summary

Mistress of the Storm - From USA TODAY Bestselling author Terri Brisbin.…

While magic still glimmered over the lands and people of Scotland and the Vikings ruled the western islands and the north, three brothers struggled against their fate to overcome a dreaded curse tied to their own Fae powers. Their hearts, souls and very lives depend on the women they betrayed.

Duncan of Skye heals with his touch and many powerful nobles vie to use it for themselves. But every use of his power brings pain and destroys his body and he knows he will not survive much longer. When a woman given to him gives him blessed relief from his suffering, he knows he must keep her as he seeks a way to end the curse.
Isabel has been forced by her stepfather to use her body for his aims. She’s learned to numb herself as she is given to many men to serve as his spy and blackmailer. But, when she is sold to the man called the Healer, she finds him to be different than any other before him.

Time is running out for Duncan and, as he draws Isabel closer and closer, they discover that they could be each other’s redemption or their destruction.  When love could break the curse can these two risk everything and claim it?