Book cover - Deadly Mountain Refuge - Author Hope White & Christy Barritt

Deadly Mountain Refuge

Author Hope White & Christy Barritt

  • Release Date: 2019-02-05
  • Genre: Religious

Deadly Mountain Refuge Summary

Deadly Mountain Refuge - No safe haven

Mountain Ambush

A search-and-rescue mission turns deadly when Dr. Kyle Spencer is nearly killed by an assailant in the mountains. And when EMT Maddie McBride saves the doctor just in time, they’re both targeted—but no one knows why. As someone stalks the injured doctor’s every move, Spence realizes that he needs the determined Maddie in his corner. However, he can’t be sure their partnership will be enough to save them…

Mountain Hideaway

After being caught collecting evidence on her ex-boyfriend’s criminal dealings, Tessa Jones has no choice but to go into hiding. She feels safe in her mountain refuge, right up until private investigator Trent McCabe comes knocking—and bullets start flying. Now for the second time, Tessa is on the run. Tessa trusts no one—not even Trent. But with danger closing in, she must rely on the handsome stranger…or take her chances with a killer.