Book cover - A King Ensnared - Author J. R. Tomlin

A King Ensnared

Author J. R. Tomlin

  • Release Date: 2018-07-03
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Our score: 4
From 188 Ratings

A King Ensnared Summary

A King Ensnared - James, 12-year-old heir to the throne of Scotland, is in mortal danger. His father, King Robert III, is dying, and Robert's half-brother, the Duke of Albany, is plotting to seize power. The duke has already murdered James' older brother, and James will be next. 

James escapes Scotland and the murderous duke. Captured and imprisoned by the English, he grows to be a man of contradictions: a poet yet a knight, a dreamer yet fiercely driven. Hardened by his years in the Tower of London and haunted by his brother's brutal murder, James is determined to regain his freedom and end the Duke of Albany's misrule. But King Henry of England is determined that to pay for his freedom, James must betray Scotland and everything he believes in.

A King Ensnared Review

  • A King Ensnared

    By sometimers3
    King Henry V was so conniving, dishonest and ruthless. I’m surprised that he at times showed some humanity towards King James.
  • Almost as if I was there

    By Gramm j.
    It isn’t a thriller that you can’t put it down, but it is exciting, historical and seems like you are a fly on the wall while reading it. Would recommend reading it.
  • A King Ensnared

    By jean stockwell
    This was a fascinating read. So much history woven through it. The characters where well defined. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series.
  • “A King Ensnared”

    By Cruxiberbalist
    This book is a semi historical novel set in early to mid fifteenth century Scotland, England, and France. It discusses the machinations of nobles in the three countries trying to eke out the best deal with each other while many are stabbing each other in the back. James the First of Scotland is portrayed as a rather decent sort for a noble of the time. It is a worthwhile read with much historical accuracy with some poetic license concerning minor characters to make the story complete. I enjoyed the story and recommend it highly.
  • USA

    By luka mukhulishvili


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