Book cover - Brice: Not Quite Looking for a Family - Author Debra Clopton

Brice: Not Quite Looking for a Family

Author Debra Clopton

  • Release Date: 2018-11-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 5
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Brice: Not Quite Looking for a Family Summary

Brice: Not Quite Looking for a Family - Romance, cowboys, ranching and wild mustangs...the Presley men, aka the cowboys of Ransom Creek, will win your heart and have you longing for Texas. Don't miss the final book in this satisfying series!

His family is changing and growing with happily-ever-after’s surrounding Brice Presley. He's happy for his brothers and his sister and feeling restless to make a mark on his own future, but he’s not ready to settle down. He's planning on branching out with his own ranch, until his plans get side-railed when the ranch he's looking to buy is rented out to a spunky beauty and her two children. Determined to get the deal done, he's not sure how he'll manage buying the property and not coming out the bad guy. 
Tara Quinn has plans to get her horse business up and running and then to buy the ranch she's leasing. She's hoping her landlord will make her a deal and not counting on the hunky, handsome cowboy from across the road wanting to boot her from the property and take it for his own. And she's certainly not counting on the attraction that has them both about as nervous as cats on hot tin roofs. Romance is the last thing she wants, especially with the man she sees as the obstacle between her providing her kids with the future they deserve.
Love is looking about as likely as a rainstorm in the middle of a Texas drought...but miracles do happen.

Brice: Not Quite Looking for a Family Review

  • Debra Copland

    By Cat grandma
    I am behind with writing reviews hope this is okay to write now. I gave read most all of Debra Copland books I have enjoyed every book that she has written.