Book cover - A Vow of Obligation - Author Ayumu Aso

A Vow of Obligation

Author Ayumu Aso

  • Release Date: 2018-09-01
  • Genre: Women

A Vow of Obligation Summary

A Vow of Obligation - “Can you bring me a guest's laptop?” The strange request from a coworker at the hotel surprised Tawny. The goal was to delete pictures that should not have been taken of an overnight tryst. The name of the guest is Navarre Cazier, an important businessman from France. As a maid who has longed for him from afar, Tawny's had to overlook such trysts. But as soon as she got her hands on the laptop, she was caught by Navarre. Then he made her an offer she couldn't refuse: “I will buy your time with my money. If you refuse, I will call the police.”


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