Book cover - Scienceville and Other Lost Worlds - Author Gary Gibson

Scienceville and Other Lost Worlds

Author Gary Gibson

  • Release Date: 2018-03-03
  • Genre: Science Fiction

Scienceville and Other Lost Worlds Summary

Scienceville and Other Lost Worlds - "To be considered alongside the leading triumvirate of British hard SF writers: Alastair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, and Neal Asher." - The Guardian

From one of the UK's leading authors of hard science fiction, space opera and post-apocalyptic fiction comes a collection of new stories.

SCIENCEVILLE: a man draws a map of a city that doesn't exist - or so he thinks, until someone who lived there comes calling. 

SENSELESS: political prisoners of a near-future regime can have their sight and other senses back, but only if they cooperate with the state. One man plans escape, until a new arrival throws everything into disarray. 

THE LONG FALL: Nadia Mirkowsky of EXTINCTION GAME and SURVIVAL GAME finds herself trapped in a post-apocalyptic parallel universe that might be the strangest she's yet encountered. 

GUATEMALA: a fading rock star is offered one last shot at the big time using a new, mind-altering technology - but the price may be higher than he thinks. 

THE RANCH: any pleasure is yours, if you have the money - even your very own vampire lover. But for the vampires themselves, it's a much more deadly affair…