Book cover - Liberalism: Find a Cure - Author Mark Dice

Liberalism: Find a Cure

Author Mark Dice

  • Release Date: 2018-11-13
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
From 30 Ratings

Liberalism: Find a Cure Summary

Liberalism: Find a Cure - It’s as if we’re living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Every day we are inundated by news reports, trending topics on social media, and new political movements promoting such bizarre beliefs about race, gender, sexuality, and life in general, that it’s impossible in many cases to distinguish whether such ideas are serious or if they’re a parody of what liberalism has become. 

The political differences between liberals and conservatives used to be pretty well established, but recently the tug of war between the Left and the Right took a dramatic and disturbing turn.  Modern liberalism has been replaced with new mind-boggling agendas promoting the adoption of unscientific, authoritarian, and sociologically disastrous ideologies.  

In attempts to accomplish their plans, the Left are conspiring to end freedom of speech, traditional families, long-cherished holidays, and hope to implement a new world order.  Who is behind this madness?  What is their ultimate goal?  How far are they willing to go to achieve it?  And what can we do to stop them? 

Bestselling author and media analyst Mark Dice takes you on a tour inside the minds of those constructing this new social landscape in his groundbreaking investigation: Liberalism: Find a Cure.

Liberalism: Find a Cure Review

  • Awesome Book

    By Conservative David
    Mark Dice did a very good job at putting this book together. I haven't finished it yet but it's really well put together and really documents the liberal madness. All these 1 star reviews are from liberals that label everything that disproves their stupidity as "racist." They are the real racists. Good job Mark Dice
  • Chris walker

    By Aikidosensei
    Chris walker is a butt hurt weak . This author has as many subscribers on his YouTube channel than cnn does and he does it from his kitchen without multi millionaire backing and there is a reason for it. It’s no lie or mystery there are crazy people on both sides however integrity is at a premium. Chris walker and his short sided bias butt hurt afraid of reality review is another example of weak propaganda infected and soulless products of identity highjacking. Follow your gut and rely on instinct. This book is education navigation in a world off kilt and supported by jackasses like Chris walker. In the end we all pay a tax for our actions.. do your self a favor.. read this and decide for yourself and then know humans like Chris walker are piles of programed dung. Be strong and brave oh and Chris... nice try punk
  • LOL!

    By RADD8
    Very entertaining and easy to read! Although it’s humorous, this book describes the scary realities plaguing our society. Definitely an eye opener. Thanks for the good read!
  • Great read, ignore the trolls.

    By Charlene st Michael
    Seriously, so many of the negative comments are from cretans who hadn’t even read the book and are just saying nasty because they don’t agree with his views. Don’t let them ruin it for you, just ignore.
  • Excellent

    By "Monk"
    High marks to the author and accuracy. This is the insane left play book explained in detail. Cannot put this book down once you start reading it.
  • Hot Garbage

    By User not authorized
    Yet another example of the white supremacy agenda. Dice uses fringe examples to try and discount real issues in our country. The author actually references Urban Dictionary to try and make a point. The Fox News disciples might love this, but anyone with a brain and a heart will likely use this as a fire starter.
  • Outstanding

    By Sean M Fidler
    I find it a o refreshing to have an alternative point of view in the political arena. Many of these points made in this book, and the explanations and data supporting them, are simply outstanding. Its amazing that so few other “journalists” seem to seek or even question the truth in terms of liberal intent, honesty, and methods. Mark Dice is a great read, this and ALL of his books. His YouTube channel is hilarious as well. O Mark!
  • He is part of the fake news circuit

    By Chris Walker
    Sorry, but we don’t need a book that promotes the agenda of evil Dark Lord voledmort and his willingness to eliminate all that is good and descent in society, and replacing it with divisiveness rhetoric and blatant racism. Also his apparent spead of conspiracy theories doesn’t help much either.
  • Must have!!

    By Marks future wife
    Real truth in this book! Written by one of the greatest political/media analysts of my time, in my opinion of course. Controversial topics with a funny and serious tone. Wondering when Mark will answer me and tell me if he is married or not..
  • Great READ!!!

    By Nickm1018
    Mark Dice did it again with a great book that keeps you turning the page again and again.. If you like his videos you’ll love his book!