Book cover - One, Untended - Author David Guymer

One, Untended

Author David Guymer

  • Release Date: 2018-12-14
  • Genre: Fantasy

One, Untended Summary

One, Untended - Advent Calendar 2018: Day Fourteen

Seeking a missing child takes Gotrek Gurnisson, and his reluctant companion Maleneth, deep into the tainted catacombs beneath Hammerhal Ghyra. Danger awaits!

It's a Gotrek tale told from Maleneth's perspective and gives some fascinating insights into her character, motivations and goals.

When a child goes missing from Hammerhal Ghyra, Gotrek Gurnisson, recovering from an epic drinking binge (and some nasty poisoning) volunteers to enter the nearby catacombs and find him – especially since his mother claims he was taken by a ghost. Venturing into the darkness with his reluctant aelven companion Maleneth. But even the vaunted Stormcast Eternals were unable to cleanse this labyrinth of the taint that infects it, and what awaits the adventurers below will test them to their limits.