Book cover - Remind Me - Author Samantha Chase

Remind Me

Author Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 102 Ratings

Remind Me Summary

Remind Me - It's been years since Mallory Westbrook set foot in Magnolia Sound, but the death of her great-grandfather forces her back. Two weeks to get his affairs in order then she would return to her life in New York. The perfect plan, if not for Jake Summerford—her first love who broke her heart.

Jake always regretted the way things ended with Mallory and now that she's back in town, he's hoping they can put the past behind them. As they reconnect, old feelings resurface and Jake realizes that friendship is only the beginning of what he wants from Mallory.

With one foot out of the door, Mallory is looking for any excuse to leave Magnolia Sound behind. Forever. Will Jake's plan to replace the old, painful memories help him finally show her their love deserves another chance?

Remind Me Review

  • Sweet and charming second chance romance!

    By Virna Thompson
    After meeting Mallory Westbrook and Jake Summerford in Sunkissed Days in Samantha Chase’s newsletter and later released as a novella, I could not wait to get the rest of their story. Sunkissed Days was sweet and charming, but we finally get to catch up with them in Remind Me and see where their journey will take them. This story picks up years later. You do not need to read Sunkissed Days to read Remind Me, however, you do get more background on the characters and how their story started. Mallory Westbrook was left heartbroken after the perfect summer with Jake in Magnolia Sound. Now she needs to go back to put her great-grandfather’s affairs in order. Her plan is to get it done and never return. But plans do not always go as you want them too. Mallory is not the same sweet and innocent girl she was that summer she spend with Jake. But old feelings are hard to ignore. One of Jake’s biggest regret was how things ended with Mallory. Can this be his second chance to show her how good they can be together? I am loving this series and its characters. I am excited to read more! Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading!

    By sferguson105
    What a fantastic start to this amazing new series by Samantha Chase! I love a reunited love story, and this is one of my top faves. Jake was the perfect hero. A bit bad boy, a bit sweetheart, and completely sexy. He has this internal battle throughout the story, of wanting to make it on his own, and doesn’t realize that some gifts aren’t saying that he can’t make it, but that he can make said gift so much better. Mallory is perfect for Jake. She brings out his romantic side, and brings out all the sexiness. She’s fighting her own internal battles, and can’t decide whether to follow her heart. These two will definitely have you falling in love. The secondary characters are more than entertaining, and I can’t wait to see whose story we might get next (Mason or Sam would be the top of my list, but I’m not gonna be picky) A phenomenal must read that I would highly recommend!
  • Great Story!!

    By Jbean168
    GREAT story!! This is the conclusion of Jake and Mallory ‘s story and it was sooo good!! It was heartbreaking, sweet, romantic, fun and a page turner. This is only the start of what I can say is going to be a GREAT series and I can’t wait for the next book!!
  • My New Favorite!

    By Astroyic
    This was just such an amazing story, I felt blown away. Emotional, poignant heartwarming, as well as sizzling chemistry and heat. Honestly I can’t say enough good things. My emotions ranged from sobbing, tears to bursting with happiness. I couldn’t put this down, and even after finishing reading it, it has stayed in my heart. Jake and Mallory’s second chance romance, was wonderful and I think it might be my favorite. And a Fantastic start to a new series. It has been six years, since their summer romance ended badly, and they went their separate ways. Their timing hadn’t been right for either of them. So when tragedy and devastation comes to Magnolia Sound, throwing Jake and Mallory together once again, he was going to do everything he could to remind her how well they worked and that she was everything he wanted. But will Mallory give Jake what he wants? Is it everything she wants? You have got to read this to find out! This story is Phenomenal! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • Emotional Powerhouse

    By DawnMarieBurke
    Remind Me continues Jake and Mallory's story the couple we were introduced to in Sunkissed Days. Now we get the progression of their relationship from that summer to now. Their chemistry is just as electric as ever and they still are the other halves of each other's whole. The raw and complex emotions of this book are truly what makes Ms. Chase's books so INCREDIBLE!!! She honestly captures the complexity and vulnerability that is part of being in a relationship so you get invested in the characters as you go on their journey with them and nobody does this better than Ms.Chase!! Every book and series just keeps getting better and just when I think she can't possibly outdo herself she gives us Remind Me which is a DEFINITE MUST READ!!! I CAN'T wait to read the next book in the series and see where she takes us.I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • New Beginnings!

    By KellyMcClure
    This is an incredible new series by Samantha Chase entitled Magnolia Sound. It is set in a small North Carolina coastal town and this is the very first introduction to several characters I’m sure we will see with their own stories. This is the story of Mallory and Jake. Mallory has been in love with Jake for years, from the time she was a young girl spending the summers with her Pops in Magnolia Sound. Jake was the older boy next door who always saw her as his friends little sister. The summer of awakening was told in Sunkissed Days. So if you want to read the back story, it is awesome. But you can start with Remind Me and be caught up. Samantha Chase has always given us not just stories but lives. She writes families and towns and relationships, not just for today but from the past and into the future. She makes sure to let us know how normal the characters are, all of the problems they come across but always lets us see their HEA. Get started at the beginning and enjoy this new world she is opening for us…
  • Emotional start to a wonderful new series

    By Dangrdonna
    This new series is shaping up to be better than all the rest of Ms Chase’s series. The book starts out with a hurricane and the hurricane’s effects last throughout. Mallory and Jake have a past. One that didn’t end well. This is their chance to mend everything. Or have closure at least. I loved how these characters were written. Mallory is at a point in her life where she must choose between what she loves and what she thinks she loves. Jake is at a point where he must step up and be the person he was always meant to be. Will they be what each other needs in the long term?


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