Book cover - In Case You Didn't Know - Author Samantha Chase

In Case You Didn't Know

Author Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2019-07-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 87 Ratings

In Case You Didn't Know Summary

In Case You Didn't Know - Golden child Mason Bishop has finally had enough. Tired of bearing the weight of his parents' expectations, he's determined to break free and forging his own path. It's time for him to go after the things he really wants—including the girl he never forgot.

Scarlett Jones is done being ruled by her insecurities. She's ready to be seen as something other than one of the guys, and she's done thinking she's not good enough for the social elite—especially the Bishops.

When he runs into Scarlett at a concert, Mason believes it's fate bringing them together. But fate only gets you so far. If wants a real chance with Scarlett, it's going to take a whole lot of charm to convince her he's worth it.

In Case You Didn't Know Review

  • Finally!!

    By Jbean168
    I fell in love with Mason right from the beginning of this series. This story was so worth waiting for! Mason has found his independence and I LOVED how he finally stood up to his mother. She even gets on my nerves. LOL!! Scarlett is a Kickass with a sweet side. This story was entertaining, engaging a fun! It was realistic and the story really flowed along. When it ended I didn’t want it to stop!!
  • So much to love!!

    By KindleKat64
    I absolutely adored this book and I love Mason & Scarlett! They are simply amazing together and are as wonderful as so many other characters in this series have been. Samantha Chase has given us so much to love with this Magnolia Sound Series! Complete with lovable characters and fantastic writing; stories that are sweet, witty, emotional and sexy; each book just keeps pulling me deeper and deeper into this world. I can't say this one is my favorite because I have loved them all equally! The relationship between Mason and Scarlett seems so right. Things were going so well for them and then they hit a big bump in the road to their HEA, so a misunderstanding tears them apart. I was rooting for them so hard! Some much needed interference helps them to get back on the road together! I really enjoyed their story and loved the ending!
  • Back to the sound

    By KellyMcClure
    Well, I knew she would keep doing it! Every new book gives me a new favorite couple. There have been several series of different authors that have made me actually wish I could live in the make believe town. This is one of those. I would love to be besties with Scarlet and Lena. I know I would love the animal rescue sanctuary and the pub burgers would keep me “healthy”. This is a wrong side of the tracks trope but it’s the girl from the wrong side and not the guy, which is a little different. Scarlet feels the pressure but when she confronts Mason’s mom, her heroine status goes through the roof. If you haven’t read earlier books in the Magnolia Sound series, you can still appreciate this story but do yourself a favor and catch up with the earlier two stories and prequel. The families are a lot to follow and you get right into it from the very beginning. Plus Samantha has some of the best jigsaw puzzles on the internet!!!!!
  • Incredibly Sexy & Heartwarming!

    By Astroyic
    This is one brilliant, heartwarming, incredibly sexy, and an emotional story. Full of family, forgiveness, acceptance and love. Mason and Scarlett were fantastic characters. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them connect and learn about their histories. Mason is so not what I thought he would be. He is so, sweet, funny, kind, down to earth, caring and so not what everyone perceive him to be. Scarlett is strong and feisty, but what she really wanted to be was a girly-girl, that no one thought she could be. Scarlett struggles with the fact that she feels less than and project that into being a reverse snob with quite an attitude at times. I loved their chemistry, that sizzling heat that started with their first kiss. I loved all of Mason’s cheesy pick-up lines. And I loved, that Mason proved his love and worth to Scarlett. But I really, really loved seeing the man that Mason is and how his grandfather knew who he was all along. Each of these books in the Magnolia Sound series just capture and melt my heart. Can’t wait for the next one!