Book cover - Animals in Suits - Author Timur Raad

Animals in Suits

Author Timur Raad

  • Release Date: 2019-01-01
  • Genre: Humor

Animals in Suits Summary

Animals in Suits - Here to file a complaint? Management or HR, eh? A fellow employee you say…oh, you meant you don’t like the work assigned? Listen, that’s some bad luck there my friend.

Step into my office…well, not my actual office, grab this seat and pull up next to me—who's ‘me’, oh, I thought we’d met? I’m just another drone, employee, worker bee (no disrespect to those beautiful and productive creatures).  I can help.

Read this, be careful, and spread the word!

"Animals in Suits is a satirical portrait of life in the Corporate Age—at once a searing indictment of corporate politics and a beautiful, elegant…"

No, no, no one gets seared, please just read.

"and hopeful exploration of the resilience and the power of books, it offers a comic and tragic vision of future life…"

No one can predict the future, okay, forget it…ah now you want to finish it?

"A corporation in the not so distant future. A revolving cast of characters avian, reptilian and mammalian amongst others. Mind numbing daily routine. What is the purpose and meaning of work? And conversely of life? And finally, the answer to the eternal question—do you want the free mug or shirt?"