Book cover - The Honor-Bound Gambler - Author Lisa Plumley

The Honor-Bound Gambler

Author Lisa Plumley

  • Release Date: 2019-04-02
  • Genre: Western

The Honor-Bound Gambler Summary

The Honor-Bound Gambler - Tempting the Preacher's Daughter

Plain preacher's daughter Violet Benson is always the wallflower—until charismatic gambler Cade Foster takes her under his wing. Suddenly the men of Morrow Creek start looking at her with new eyes—and the women with envy—but Violet is interested in only one man: Cade.

Agreeing to be his "lucky charm," Violet becomes embroiled in the gambler's thrilling world. With her newfound confidence, Violet is determined to uncover the secret sorrow behind the eyes that smolder beneath Cade's Stetson, and prove to this fascinating man that he can take the biggest gamble of all…with his heart.

"Welcome to Morrow Creek, Plumley's little slice of the West and a romance with heart and grit. Lively storytelling and a cast of engaging, delightful characters--from a rapscallion little boy to a conniving reverend to a hardened gambler and a preacher's daughter--are simply perfect for this tale. Love and redemption are the soul of this heart-tugging charmer." --Romantic Times Reviews (4 stars + K.I.S.S. hero award!)