Book cover - Force of Personality - Author David Guymer

Force of Personality

Author David Guymer

  • Release Date: 2019-04-08
  • Genre: Fantasy

Force of Personality Summary

Force of Personality - A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Stuck in a grinding siege against an enemy who seem content to bombard the walls, Hamilcar Bear-eater is bored. So when a chance to break the siege in a monstrously insane way presents itself, Hamilcar seizes it.

The Bear-eater is at his bombastic best in this tale, defying a massive Chaos horde and the wishes of his allies in order to do his duty to Sigmar, and perhaps achieve glory in the process. Succeed or fail, he'll have a great tale to tell…

Hamilcar Bear-eater is bored. The siege of Nemisuvik – also known as the Thousand Day Siege – grinds on. The Khornate forces of the warlord Blackjaw bombard the walls of the city from a fleet of mighty warships, and the people await what must be an inevitable assault. The only Stormcast Eternal in the city, Hamilcar longs to lead the local warriors into battle against his foe – but it is not until the Grey King, an unimaginably ancient and destructive creature of the deeps surfaces in the city that he finds his chance…

This story also appears in the anthology Gods and Mortals.