Book cover - Create Influence - Author Keith Schreiter & Tom

Create Influence

Author Keith Schreiter & Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

  • Release Date: 2019-03-22
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales

Create Influence Summary

Create Influence - Does anyone listen when we talk?
Do we simply blend into the background?
Let’s change that now.
Influence gives us the power to affect others and our world. Yes, we want to be heard, but what is more important than being heard? Getting others to take our advice and solutions, and apply them immediately.
Few are born with influence. We must create our influence with others.
But where do we start?
If no one respects our opinions and ideas now, what can we do to establish our authority? We know it is possible. Others have influence. We can create our influence starting now.
With ten unique strategies to choose from, we can change how the world reacts to us. Our voices will be heard. Our influence will create action.
So instead of blending into the background, now we will feel the surge of excitement as others eagerly look forward to our ideas. We will be respected. We will make a difference. And we will accomplish more.
Be somebody now.