Book cover - One Woman - Author Lisa Renee Jones

One Woman

Author Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2019-09-17
  • Genre: Suspense
Our score: 4.5
From 225 Ratings

One Woman Summary

One Woman - The second book in the Naked trilogy... 

Emma and Jax came together in the midst of secrets and lies, but in a castle in Maine, they seek passion and sanctuary. What they find is a mystery that could stretch beyond all their expectations. And what Emma finds is danger. 

One Woman begins where One Man ended, with Emma one step from death and Jax the only man who can save her.

One Woman Review

  • Another Amazing Story!

    By ErinH!
    One Woman can only be described with one word that is...Amazing, Thrilling, Gripping, and Mysterious. Ok maybe it's more than word but all of them are a perfect description for this book. You start reading it and you want to know more, and then the next thing you know its over and you are sad because there is still so much to the story that I have to know! Can't wait for the next book! Lisa Rene Jones has hit it out of the park again! (No more cliffhangers ha ha ha!)
  • Great story

    By Rockergirl615
    This is another great trilogy by Lisa, and one that will consume all of your thoughts. I am so in love with books that take on a bit of a 'Romeo & Juliet' theme to them. This was added nicely with out being too overwhelming. Emma was amazing, and her strength is one of the things I love most about her. Jax was everything you want in your hero, and his determination was heart-stopping. These two together were electric on the pages, and their chemistry was hot. The suspense added so much intensity that it made these two almost scandalous. I can not wait til we get the last book in this trilogy. Lisa has another hit on her hands here. The only reason for my 4 stars instead of 5, was that I would have liked a bit more action to the story. There was enough emotional conflict that kept me flipping the pages, but I just needed that little bit more to be able to give it 5 stars. There are surprise character cameos, and plenty more characters to fall in love with. Bravo!
  • Can’t wait for more!

    By Sandialys
    This book starts where book one left off. This book is another example why Lisa Renee Jones is one of my favorite authors. I don’t know how she does it, but I love the way she weaves the story with suspense and mystery and twist and turns along the way. It was so hard to put this book down once I started it, but life gets in the way. I can’t wait to see how this trilogy ends.
  • Amazing!

    By shellyburger73
    Who is it? I must know and now I have to wait for Two Together to get that answer. Ugh! But really it’s all good, great even, as all Lisa’s books are! This is One Woman, second in the Naked trilogy. It starts right where One Man ended. And you definitely need to know how that ended to proceed to this book. I feel that these books cannot be read as a stand alone. I absolutely love Jax and Emma. I’m not real sure what is about them, I just do. They complement each other. Both with past’s that are so dark and both their fathers have passed. So many secrets. But Jax and Emma are doing really well trying to help one another by telling their secrets and trying to work through them together. One of her secrets is about, York. She lets him have it and in front of Jax and Savage no less and got him to talk. Then, let’s not forget about Savage...he cracks me up! Always with a witty remark and humor. But he’s also there to protect and figure out things. There are clues that are given but no meaning to them, yet. At least I haven’t figured them out yet. A red dress, an hour glass, faulty wiring, and Echo. So we must wait until the final book to receive our answers and I can’t wait! But I think what Jax and Emma are both realizing is that...even though it can be painful, honesty is always the best medicine. Go grab your copy today, a must read!!
  • One Woman

    By Tastywordgasms
    One Woman is the second book in the Naked Trilogy. I love that this author gives a little recap at the beginning of this book as to what happened at the end of One Man. This book starts where One Man left off. Jax saves Emma after Brody has Emma hanging over the ledge high up in the castle. He believes that either she or her family was involved in the death of Hunter. (Jax and Brody’s now deceased brother). Jax has fallen in love with Emma despite who she is, a Knight and he’s a North. No really wants Emma at the Castle in Maine other than Jax himself. There are so many secrets and lies to uncover. Emma is torn between her brother and Jax. Jax is also torn as to whom to believe, his woman or her family had something to do with the death of his brother. Of course, since this is the second book I expected that cliffhanger! It still doesn’t help knowing that there will be one. Fortunately, not to long of a wait for Two Together Book 3.
  • This Naked Trilogy is an adrenaline rush of secrets and suspense.

    By Rosa ( iScream Books Blog)
    "We are two broken people, suffering from loss and looking for answers in each other." Lisa Renee Jones is my puppet master, pulling my strings and controlling my thoughts. Of course, I know what I'm thinking is probably wrong and she'll shock me later. I can't wait! This Naked Trilogy is an adrenaline rush of secrets and suspense. I don't know who to trust, but like her, I believe that Jax is just too delicious to give up and worth the risk to our health. They are both keeping things to themselves that I look forward to learning eventually. But, what they aren't being stingy with is the'naked time' for which I'm thankful. Their connection is intense, especially since "Everything about this man is a whole lot better than good. Except, of course, the hate between our families." They have every reason to avoid each other like the plague...but they can't. I'm having the best time trying to unravel the mystery while being fully entertained along the way. Waiting for Two Together has me bouncing with excitement. I have questions that need answers. I have guesses that need confirmation. I have an addiction that needs a fix. The line forms here...
  • Intriguing story

    By MelissaNY666
    Emma Knight meets her family’s enemy Jax North in book 1 ONE MAN. Jax’s father pass, his brother commits suicide, and this is not about business but family. Emma and Jax has feeling at first sight, but can a relationship work with Family Secrets. Mystery, Suspenseful Romance with cliffhanger at the end?!?!?
  • Another fantastic book in this trilogy!

    By Bibliophile Chloe
    Oh my me!! Ms. Jones continues to bring the mystery, the intrigue and the holy hotness in this second book of the Naked Trilogy. This book continues right where One Man stops.  With Emma in a dangerous, life threatening situation. Even with everything and everyone against them, the fragile relationship and the developing love between Jax and Emma is shining through. More horrible secrets are revealed.  And Jax and Emma are trying hard to stay together despite everything.  Oh to have that kind of determination! Emma is finally gathering the strength she needs to keep pushing forward in her determination to find out just why her family is so against Jax's family. Jax is the ever present strength and support that Emma needs (heck we all need sometimes) and yet he too is being hammered with secrets and trying to find who he can truly trust. This series is classic Lisa Renee Jones, it kept me riveted and invested in this story until the end, and oh what a bombshell to drop on us poor readers at the end! To have to wait for the final story in this saga is going to be torture!
  • So many secrets!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    And the plot thickens! There were so many secrets in the first book that I had no idea what could have caused it all. I just knew that two people from waring families found out that their attraction was stronger. In One Woman, Jax and Emma will have to decide if that attraction is stronger than those secrets. Secrets that could mean murder. I enjoyed this book mainly because despite not knowing the truth, Jax and Emma took a chance on each other. Emma fears that once the secrets are revealed that it could tear them apart, however Jax is determined that they are stronger than that. We got a whole book of these two together and working to stay together. A pretty big plot bomb was dropped at the end of this book but there are still so many questions. I'm starting to eye some of these side characters very suspiciously. I'm anxious to know if I am choosing the true enemies or not. I'm going to try to patiently wait for the conclusion.
  • One empowered woman!

    By starstacy
    Lisa Renee Jones knows how to write a romantic, sexy, intense, suspenseful novel, because I devoured this book in one sitting! The story just flowed from beginning to end, and the story continues right where One Man left off. Jax and Emma are falling for each other against all odds, and it was emotional. Emma still has trust and running-away issues, but Jax breaks down her walls. My heart broke for Emma as we learn more about what happened in her past relationship, but she takes her power back and it was glorious! Jax is just the perfect combination of dominant, powerful, yet protective and gentle, and Jax impressed me with his need to fight for their relationship. We do learn an answer to one of the mysteries, and it was shocking! But we are left with another cliffhanger, and I can’t wait to see how the story finishes! I received a copy of this ebook from the author for my honest review.


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