Book cover - Bittersweet Love - Author NATSU MOMOSE & Cathy Williams

Bittersweet Love

Author NATSU MOMOSE & Cathy Williams

  • Release Date: 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Women

Bittersweet Love Summary

Bittersweet Love - Natalie is a secretary who has secretly fallen in love with her boss, Kane, an incredibly successful businessman. Kane, however, is a playboy who moves from model to model. There’s no way he’d ever look twice at Natalie…or so she thinks. Determined to forget about him, Natalie undergoes an astonishing transformation. She goes on a diet and starts dating other men, but none of it makes her feel better… Kane, on the other hand, is suddenly seeing her in a new light. Assuming that she’s gotten a new boyfriend, he starts meddling in her private life. He invites Natalie over to his house for business, but things between them are about to get quite steamy!