Book cover - Once More With Feeling - Author Emilie Richards

Once More With Feeling

Author Emilie Richards

  • Release Date: 2019-04-25
  • Genre: Romance

Once More With Feeling Summary

Once More With Feeling - Elisabeth Whitfield is having a doozy of a midlife crisis, but that midlife is about to take an extraordinary turn. Following a near-fatal car wreck, the Elisabeth who awakens in the hospital is a new woman, in someone else's younger, sexier body. Now she has a second chance at the exciting life she gave up to marry and be a full-time mother. But "be careful what you wish for" could be more than a cliche. Getting everything she wanted might cost her everything that matters.

Publishers Weekly calls Once More With Feeling a "seductive women's daydream," and Library Journal says: "This perceptive story is sure to tap into the fantasies of readers who wonder what life would have been like if they had a chance to be someone else."