Book cover - Royal Catch (A Royal Romantic Comedy) - Author Kylie Gilmore

Royal Catch (A Royal Romantic Comedy)

Author Kylie Gilmore

  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4
From 1,435 Ratings

Royal Catch (A Royal Romantic Comedy) Summary

Royal Catch (A Royal Romantic Comedy) - A gruff prince in need of a wife
A commoner impersonating a princess
And a bridal competition gone terribly awry…

I’m the crown prince of Villroy, heir to a kingdom, bound by duty to marry and produce an heir.
I expected a quiet arrangement through royal channels, instead I got a palace full of women vying for my hand. And how do they “win” this barbaric game set up by my crafty mother? By figuring out how to save the kingdom’s faltering economy through a series of challenges. This undignified circus is beneath a man of my stature! Proof being that a saucy, ill-mannered woman wearing body-hugging clothes is in the lead. I could never love someone like that, let alone marry her.

The plan sounded simple.
I pose as my friend, pick up her inheritance, and return with the cash to keep her out of jail. (Apparently, being a princess in hiding is no excuse for identity theft.) So, yeah, I’m not exactly royal. I’m an orphan, a self-made woman, and proud of it. Suddenly I’m in a battle royale with a bunch of crazy competitive women for “riches beyond our dreams.” I’m in a time crunch, which means I need to win this competition fast. Only, that means winning over the judge; the smoldering hot grim-faced Gabriel. And now I find myself wanting to compete for more than just the money. But could a royal prince ever fall for a commoner like me?

This royal romantic comedy stands alone with a swoonworthy happy-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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Royal Catch (A Royal Romantic Comedy) Review

  • Slow to start

    By Welldonez
    Slow start but was worth the read
  • Ok

    By bookworm3018
    It was underwhelming.
  • Funny and sweet

    By susancapmom
    I loved this book. A great quick read.
  • Royal Catch

    By Crazy not lazy
    Funny and entertaining. I enjoyed reading it. A couple of places dragged, but fun to read.
  • Head hopping

    By Atlz3
    Fair read easy to put down. Survivor meets get a rose. I don’t like books with multiple narrators. Pick a character and write from their voice. Jumping chapters via characters equals confusion. I will not continue series.
  • A sexy Cinderella story

    By Gramm j.
    This was such a fun and tastefully sexy story that I hated to finish it. The story was so outlandish and funny that I want to read the other books.
  • Royal Catch

    By Ducketmc
    I loved it from beginning to end!!!! I can’t wait to read Phillip’s book next!
  • Review: The Rourkes 1: Royal Catch

    By LisaHines711
    Royal Catch by Kylie Gilmore is the first book in her new series, The Rourkes. Told in dual POV between the haughty prince and the imposter princess - this story is a tad over the top, the plot is a little crazy, the characters are a bit much and it all works perfectly together to create this funny romantic royal romp. Throw in some serious sexual tension and familial issues, a catty competition between princesses, and a few more fantastical situations and this book pulled me in. It was funny and sexy and a pleasure to read - I will definitely be revisiting The Rourkes for more of their stories. Enjoy!
  • Gabriel & Polly

    By kastan man
    Gabriel, heir to the throne, does everything expected of him, even being the judge to a princess event with him as the prize. Anna takes Polly's place in the event at her desperate need of assistance. Gabriel has hidden depths, not even his family sees. Hilarious read with terrifying princesses
  • Gabriel and Anna

    By ShellBooks66
    Royal Catch was a very fun and entertaining story by the ever so talented Kylie Gilmore. I Love this authors style of writing she just has a great way with her words that keeps you hooked and turning the pages quickly. This is the first in her new series The Rourkes about Royals and who doesn’t love a great story with kings and queens, or prince and princesses. This is Gabriel and Anna’s story, he is the crown prince of Villroy and is expected to marry and have an heir, his mother decides to take matters into her own hands to help Gabriel find that suitable match by inviting some eligible princesses to Villory. Anna is filling in as her long lost relative who just so happens to be a princess. Let me just say this is where the real fun and excitement starts. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put this book down. The characters are so much fun and I couldn’t help but loving Gabriel and Anna. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this story was and I cannot wait for more. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and I absolutely loved and highly recommend this great book.