Book cover - The Apple Throne - Author Tessa Gratton

The Apple Throne

Author Tessa Gratton

  • Release Date: 2015-03-31
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

The Apple Throne Summary

The Apple Throne - “An evocative, romantic adventure.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 
“With razor-sharp prose and bone-deep emotions, Tessa Gratton doesn’t just tell a story. She invites readers into another world—one we hate to leave when the last page is turned.” — Saundra Mitchell, author of Mistwalker and The Vespertine 

There is only one person in the whole world who remembers the famous prophet Astrid Glyn: the berserker Soren Bearstar. Ever since Astrid agreed to give up her life, her name, and her prophetic dreams to become Idun the Young, the almost-goddess who protects the apples of immortality in a secret mountain orchard, she’s been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except Soren. For the last two years, he’s faithfully visited her every three months. Then one day he doesn’t come. Though forbidden to leave the orchard, Astrid defies the gods by escaping with a bastard son of Thor to find Soren. 

But ancient creatures are moving in the mountains beneath the country. They are desperate to leave the shadows and Astrid’s quest might be the key they need. Not-quite-a-goddess, but no longer only a girl, Astrid finds herself in a situation where fate—and not just her own—lies in the balance. Is there a way to save herself and those she loves, or will this choice unravel the ancient magic holding the nine worlds together? “A gorgeously written tale of the beauty of death, the pain of love, and having the courage to face our darkest selves. An utterly compelling book!” —Robin LaFevers, bestselling author of the His Fair Assassin Series