Book cover - Search and Rescue - Author Ian Thomas Healy

Search and Rescue

Author Ian Thomas Healy

  • Release Date: 2019-06-11
  • Genre: Contemporary

Search and Rescue Summary

Search and Rescue - =On top of the world=

As the world warms, civilian and commercial traffic through the Arctic increases. More people means a greater need for help, and Just Cause Arctic Circle is the superhero team assigned to find those who are lost and endangered due to accidents, environmental hazards, or their own foolhardiness.

=A rescue gone awry=

Rookie hero Maia, known as Devilfish, joins the team and barely has a chance to get to know her teammates before a powerful Arctic hurricane sends them out on an urgent rescue mission. They expect to find civilians trapped on a foundering ship. Instead, with the storm assaulting them like a juggernaut, they find something much, much worse.

They're not well-equipped. They're not scientists. They're not warriors.

But they're humanity's only hope.


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