Book cover - The Occult Anatomy of Man - Author Manly P. Hall

The Occult Anatomy of Man

Author Manly P. Hall

  • Release Date: 2018-12-01
  • Genre: Buddhism
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The Occult Anatomy of Man Summary

The Occult Anatomy of Man - First published in 1929, this is a study of the occult aspects of human physiology by Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990), a Canadian-born occultist, mystic and author best known for his book, The Secret Teaching of All Ages, published one year earlier.

In The Occult Anatomy of Man, Hall has gathered together a world-renowned collection of books and manuscripts on alchemy, mysticism, and the occult, which became part of the library of an organisation the Philosophical Research Society, which he founded in 1934.

Manley Palmer Hall was the author of over a hundred books and pamphlets on the esoteric subjects.

The Occult Anatomy of Man Review

  • Eye Opening

    By Tut.Da.Kidd
    The connection drawn between religious symbols and man himself is something I suspected already, but this book seems to lay out my own inner suspicions so clearly that I’m convinced it would’ve taken a lifetime to ever truly realize my own growing thoughts so clearly alone.