Book cover - Born to be Bound - Author Addison Cain

Born to be Bound

Author Addison Cain

  • Release Date: 2019-06-30
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Our score: 4
From 163 Ratings

Born to be Bound Summary

Born to be Bound - "Unapologetically raw and deliciously filthy, Shepherd & Claire's dark, gritty story is an emotional punch to the gut!" - Anna Zaires, New York Times bestselling author

Every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests…

Shepherd ravages both Claire and her conquered city, refusing to let either slip through his fingers.

He steals Claire's innocence and future by forcing a pair-bond on the rare, unwilling Omega female.

Violent, calculating, and incapable of remorse, he demands his new mate's adoration. Her attention. Her body.

Publisher's Note: The first book in Addison Cain's exciting, raw, and suspense-filled Omegaverse series is a Dark Romance featuring complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Born to be Bound Review

  • Interesing

    By CrissyWolf
    This book is one of the most wild and perverted books I’ve ever read. That being said, I already read the rest of the unfinished series and am starting another series by this author. She writes wonderfully compelling characters and makes the books hard to predict.
  • My opinion

    By TheWrathOfJulia
    What the heck is going on? This book is so confusing. I didn’t understand what was going on and there is no flow to the story. I couldn’t finish the book but I hope there’s a HEA for both characters.
  • Truly something

    By JesseJ0906
    I absolutely hate how this book made me feel the absolute despair of the main character was so palpable I could feel myself choking on it. Now that does not mean that in itself this is a bad book. I have ready many books in the short time I’ve been alive and this book has made me feel something that I may have not particularly enjoyed but it made me FEEL. I FELT for these characters that this author has made painstakingly well. I also could not stop reading it for a single second I started and finished it within three hours because I was so insanely hooked on what would happen next. I am also likely to purchase the next book because my heart is heavy and aches to know what will happen to these characters I’ve come to somewhat cherish. I’ve seen the short comments insulting this book and I am honestly not surprised. I feel like I was not meant to like this book. It made me feel so helpless because I so badly wanted this main character to simply be happy. Nonetheless, this author is truly fantastic and it is a shame that some cannot recognize her talent in making this book. Thank you for your beautifully painful to read writing and I mean that in the nicest way possible I truly hope my review of this comes across the way I would like to.
  • Born to be bound

    By Chaucerette
  • Abuse

    By straighttalker198
    This was for sure abuse!! There is a big fat line between safe boundaries and abuse. This book crossed the line!
  • Born To Be Bound

    By Oldshelly
    Loved this book and Shepard and Clair’s story, made you get the feels. Cants wait for more of there story. 💗💗