Book cover - Shattered Trust - Author Ayumu Aso & Jacqueline Baird

Shattered Trust

Author Ayumu Aso & Jacqueline Baird

  • Release Date: 2019-07-22
  • Genre: Women

Shattered Trust Summary

Shattered Trust - Abby fell in love with Nick, a millionaire, and they got married, but her happiness didn’t last long. She faced a cold bed, rumors about his relationship with an actress and his secret connection with his secretary...but she still loved him. When Abby joyfully told him she was pregnant, he unexpectedly pushed her away and said he didn't want it or her. He divorced her and didn’t even acknowledge the child. It has been four years since that dark, sad time in Abby’s life. Now Nick has appeared and is asking for a reconciliation. What does he want? Abby wants to refuse, but she feels like she’s been captured by his gaze...