Book cover - Rescued by the Ranger - Author Alexa Riley

Rescued by the Ranger

Author Alexa Riley

  • Release Date: 2019-07-26
  • Genre: New Adult
Our score: 4.5
From 234 Ratings

Rescued by the Ranger Summary

Rescued by the Ranger - Zara has an adventurous spirit and wants more from life than she’s getting from her time as a foster kid. One day her curiosity takes her into the woods and suddenly she’s faced with more than she bargained for.

Moose is Camp Hardwood’s ranger and is responsible for keeping the place safe. It’s a sanctuary for him, where he calls home, and he’s not looking for anything more. But when he’s sent to save a lost girl in the woods, what he finds is a woman he can’t let go.

Warning: This filthy, quick read is insta-love with insta-heat to match and enough fire to set the woods aflame.

Rescued by the Ranger Review

  • Smoking hawt!!

    By Kambie07
    Truly a work of yumminess. This book was very short and oh so sweet. Poor Zara had no one. She just wanted someone to love her. She wanted to be adopted but never was. Now she's at Camp Hardwood. And she meets Moose by accident. Well, she got lost and he was sent to rescue her. Them getting together was such sweet success. I was in the mood for something short and sweet. I got it with this book. It was so much fun reading this.
  • Terrible

    By avidromancereader101
    This was seriously the worst book I have ever read.
  • Rescued by the Ranger

    By Anna Marissa
    I absolutely love this series! It’s instalove with an OTT possessive hero and a sweet heroine. Alexa Riley has done it again! Moose and Zara met at Camp Hardwood and the rest was history. I volunteered to read this book as an Advanced Reader Copy and I adored it!
  • Loved

    By lexi_duckie13
    I loved Zara and Moose’s story! It was everything I love about an Alexa Riley book! One of my favorites
  • Summer Heat

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    Moose and Zara are both loners who meet at Camp Hardwood. He’s a ranger and she’s one of the campers who gets lost in the woods. Zara has been in the foster system and at 18 is about to age out. No one has ever wanted or loved her—that’s about to change.
  • I want more Moose!

    By Kel Wood
    In true AR fashion we get another big and burly man who is brought to his knees by a loving heroine! What more could you want other than more AR??!!
  • Great series!

    By bdulin12
    Rescued by the ranger is another great book in the Camp Hardwood series. Zara is a foster kid who hasn’t ever felt wanted. Moose is a ranger who has seen some bad situations in his past that he’s trying to forget about while living alone out in the woods. When Zara goes into the woods on her own, the two meet up and instantly fall for each other. They are such a sweet couple and I couldn’t put this down! I can’t wait to read Tia and Van’s book next.
  • Sparks Ignite

    By MWoleny
    Insta love strikes again when sparks ignite between Moose and Zara. These two definitely complement each other with their dark and lonely pasts. Enjoyed the everyday characters and the continuing storyline surrounding Camp Harwood. You won’t need a match to start the fire in this one.
  • Love Age Gaps

    By Amy Everetts
    I enjoyed this quick story! I’ve always enjoyed age gaps and this was no different! Looking forward to Van and Tia’s story next!