Book cover - Madam Temptress - Author Meghan March

Madam Temptress

Author Meghan March

  • Release Date: 2020-04-14
  • Genre: Suspense
Our score: 4.5
From 697 Ratings

Madam Temptress Summary

Madam Temptress - From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes the stunning conclusion to the highly-anticipated Magnolia Duet.

I didn’t choose this path. No one would. 
I played the cards I was dealt. 
This life made me. This city made me. 
I won’t apologize for who I’ve become. 
Moses wouldn't have me any other way. 
He says he wants forever, and I’m starting to believe him. 
But I can’t outrun my past, and my sins are catching up with me. 
If it’s time to atone, I’ll gladly pay my penance. We might be getting our second chance,
 but we have to make it out alive first. 

Madam Temptress is the second book of the Magnolia Duet and should be read after Creole Kingpin.

Madam Temptress Review

  • Must read

    By DuchessMae
    Holy moly! I told myself one more chapter then I was going to bed... next thing I knew if was 3am and the last page of the book. So good. So so good. Meghan never disappoints!
  • Left out part of plot

    By Beemer24
    What was in The dang letter?!
  • Madam Temptress 🔥

    By Hwats
    Ever since Magnolia was introduced in the Mount Trilogy I’ve been waiting for her to get her own story! Magnolias pretty freaking amazing. Sexy as hell, smart, and an attitude to match all that! Her entire relationship with Moses is so off the charts hot 🔥 it was blinding. This story has it all... Mount & Keira, scorching sex, violence, and love. Meghan March never disappoints, all the stars ⭐️ for this duet!!
  • my new favorite couple

    By jeannesutton
    “There’s no going back. You get one chance to make a decision, and then you have to live with the consequences of it.” In the 15 years they were apart, each faced life changing events on their own. Now that they’re back together can they learn to lean on each other in times of crisis? Magnolia and Moses have taken over the top spot of my favorite couple. In true Meghan March fashion, Mags and Moses navigate a series of twists and turns before finding their happily ever after.
  • Loved it! Great ending!

    By Virna Thompson
    The duet is complete! Madam Temptress by Meghan March is the conclusion of Magnolia and Moses’ story and be ready for one wild and crazy ride. I absolutely loved this couple. Magnolia was strong and fierce. Her life has not been easy, but every bit of it made her the woman she is today. Moses was all charm and sexiness, but underneath was a man that was tough and determined. Difficult choices and circumstances separated them for longer than either wanted, but now is their time. But there is danger following them everywhere they turn, can they survive and have the future they want? I absolutely loved reading every minute of Madam Temptress by Meghan March. The story was full of steamy chemistry and suspense. The ending will have you at the edge of your seat, but it is worth the ride. Another must read by the amazing Meghan March. Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading!
  • Amazing!

    By KateMariah
    Once again Meghan March has amazed me. Madam Temptress is the conclusion to the Magnolia Duet and it was everything I hoped for and so much more. Magnolia and Moses's story is full of passion, chemistry and so many twists and turns that it kept me captivated from the very start. Trust me, if you have not read this duet yet you are seriously missing out! I cannot wait to see what is next from Meghan March!
  • Loved Mags and Moby

    By Wookiee 45
    The conclusion to the Magnolia duet was all that and more. This book picks up right where Creole Kingpin left off and doesn't stop until the final page. In true Meghan March fashion the action and danger are as thrilling as the sex and sin, so hang on to your seats you are in for one heck of a ride. Mags and Moses come together in every way to take down the threats that keep coming at them and will do what ever it takes to come out on top. Mount and Kiera once again make an appearance and show us a glimpse into their happy world living in the French Quarter. Do yourself a favor and pick up the conclusion to this epic duet today!
  • Review: Magnolia Duet 2: Madam Temptress

    By LisaHines711
    Madam Temptress by Meghan March is the second and final book in her The Magnolia Duet . Picking up where book one left off with us wondering how Magnolia will react to the secrets Mounts reveals that Moses has been keeping from her, and following the twists of finding out who is after her and trying to stay out of danger. No holds are barred in this book and, in a similar move as some of my favorite shows, no character is truly safe... Well-paced and well-written this book ends happily but the journey there is fraught with danger, passion, secrets and loss. Enjoy!

    By CrazieNana
    I’m Blown Away!! From beginning to end you are immersed into intrigue, drama, twist & turns..OMG, your on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! Will Moses and Magnolia have their HEA??
  • Awesome!

    By JMHaughey
    The conclusion to the Magnolia and Moses duet was just as heart-stopping, gritty and sexy as the first one. The book begins with no time passed. These two anti-heroes are so clever, strong and rooted with each other. I don’t want to spoil a thing. So sit back, open this book and prepare to be swept into the dark underworld where you’ll find Magnolia and Moses.


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