Book cover - Fugitive - Author Emilie Richards


Author Emilie Richards

  • Release Date: 1990-11-01
  • Genre: Suspense

Fugitive Summary


Escaped murderer or fugitive betrayed? 

When Tate Cantrell moves into the primitive Ozark mountain cabin she inherited from a father she never knew, she expects hardship. She doesn’t expect to be held at gunpoint by a convict from nearby High Ridge Penitentiary.
Carl Petersen is armed, dangerous and wounded. But when he tells her he’s really an undercover operative named Simon Vandergriff, sent to investigate conditions at the prison, Tate finds enough proof to wonder. How can she turn him over to the sheriff, knowing that she might be sending an innocent man to his grave?
As a runaway Tate learned to be suspicious of authority figures. Now, as she cautiously nurses Simon back to health and attraction grows, she is torn. Is Simon a good man in trouble or has she fallen under the spell of a master manipulator and murderer?
With her adopted family a thousand miles away and her new one suspicious and distant, Tate has no one to help her. No one but Simon himself.