Book cover - My Sister's Flirty Friend - Author Piper Rayne

My Sister's Flirty Friend

Author Piper Rayne

  • Release Date: 2021-11-02
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Our score: 4.5
From 195 Ratings

My Sister's Flirty Friend Summary

My Sister's Flirty Friend - I broke the cardinal rule and slept with my sister’s best friend.

Granted, I’d just found out that I was now a single father to a three-year-old little girl and was low on willpower.

It should also be noted that there’s been sexual tension between us for years. There’s no way it would be a surprise if anyone in our small town found out. That is if we were telling people, which we’re not.

We’re in agreement to keep our affair a secret, especially since neither one of us do relationships. 

You’ve probably figured it out already, but things didn’t go as planned.   

My Sister's Flirty Friend Review

  • Loved Molly and Jed!!

    By Dangrdonna
    Ah Jed! He has been on the sidelines of his siblings books kind of goofing off and having the snappy comebacks for their situations. Now this book is his turn. When he finds out he is a father of a three year old he knew nothing about, he goes into a slightly panicked mode. His example of a good father figure is limited. He never planned on marriage or a family. Jed is the guy ever girl thinks they can tame but he is stead fast in his convictions. Molly has had a secret crush on Jed since high school but her best friend Nicki is his sister so he is automatically off limits. Plus she now works for him makes him a double no-no. His distress over being an insta-dad weakens her defenses. I adore Molly. She has overcome so many obstacles in her 30 years and come through even stronger. The two of them together could be a shattering of everything they think about themselves. Jed discovers so much about what he's capable of despite his self doubt. Molly finds her self worth and stand firm in what she wants to be. The amount of self discovery for both of them had me cheering them on and had me turning every page as quickly as I could. I never wanted it to end though because I really love these two so much.


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