Book cover - Any Day Now - Author Amir Tsarfati

Any Day Now

Author Amir Tsarfati

  • Release Date: 2022-09-06
  • Genre: Bible Studies

Any Day Now Summary

Any Day Now - See the Big Picture

Bestselling author and native Israeli Amir Tsarfati’s mission is to help people around the world live with clarity and confidence in light of Christ’s soon return. With Any Day Now, he provides a succint alert that earth’s final days are drawing near. As you read, you will… explore the clues that suggest Christ's second coming could occur at any momentexamine Bible prophecy through the perspective of an Israeli, allowing you to better grasp the significance of what’s happening in the Middle East todayembrace a spirit of expectancy, always ready for the Lord's return​ In today’s darkened world, only Christ can give us true hope. Any Day Now will help you to understand what is next in God’s prophetic plan—and encourage you with the promise that Jesus’s return and the restoration of His people are just around the corner.


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