Book cover - The First Rule - Author Robert Crais

The First Rule

Author Robert Crais

  • Release Date: 2010-01-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Our score: 4.5
From 578 Ratings

The First Rule Summary

The First Rule - Joe Pike and his partner Elvis Cole must solve the murder of an old friend and his entire family in this gripping thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Robert Crais.

When Frank Meyer and his family are executed during a home invasion, the police begin investigating the secret life they're sure Meyer had. Joe Pike's on a hunt of his own: to clear his friend's name, and to punish the people who murdered him. What starts out as a simple trail gets twisted fast by old grudges, double crosses, blood vengeance, and a crime so terrible even Pike and his partner Elvis Cole have no way to measure it.

The First Rule Review

  • The First Rule

    By Boysmumas
    Boysmumas Terrific read. Loved the ending, though quite sad. I know it probably wouldn't have worked out, but I wanted Pike to keep Peter. They belonged together.
  • Robert Crais is AWESOME!

    By Dejablue
    I absolutely, positively loved reading this book! It had been awhile since I've read a Crais novel, but I am so glad I picked this one up. It was a pretty quick read. Action packed and full of twists. Joe Pike is one of the coolest characters ever (and Elvis Cole ain't too bad either. LOL). I have already downloaded the next Joe Pike novel, so you know I'm ready for some more excitement. :) Great job, Mr. Crais!
  • The First Rule

    By BillyBob939
    This was my eighth Pike/Cole adventure.......and the best one yet....looking forward to #9. BillyBob939
  • Very Best

    By Mengo628
    I am a serious fan of Mr. Crais and this book is, by far, my favorite. Fast-paced, great plot, new glimpses of old characters - really a great book!
  • The First Rule

    By Shiney Nancy
    For an adopted child and adopting parents this is a wonderful story. It shows that out of hell love for a child can survive.
  • The First Rule

    By EBS LTD
    This book reads like a Lee Child, Jack Reacher series, awesome. Fast moving and keeps you flippin the pages, loved it.
  • The First Rule

    By kensofreee
    Start this series at the beginning. It's fantastic and understated- characters, plot, humor. Not the best place to start the series. Elvis and Joe are a dream-team.
  • The First Rule

    By Chuck Bullet
    First time reader of crass but I enjoyed it. Not Robert Parker and Pike is without depth and without humor. Will read more in the future because this book traveled quickly.
  • The first rule

    Good book. Enjoyed it.
  • Good read.

    By Jerman
    Page turner. Joe Pike is great.