Book cover - Crush It! - Author Gary Vaynerchuk

Crush It!

Author Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Release Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Score: 4.5
From 192 Ratings

Crush It! Summary

Crush It! - In Crush It!, online marketing trailblazer Gary Vaynerchuk tells business owners what they need to do to boost their sales using the internet—just as he has done to build his family’s wine store from a $4 million business to a $60 million one. Crush It! will show readers how to find their passion, then step by step how to turn it into a flourishing, monetized business.

Crush It! Review

  • Loved it!

    By Cmur771177
    Love all of Gary Vee's stuff! Consume it all if you want to grow your business or think more positively about life!
  • Remarkable

    By Kibwe Bryant D
    Truly remarkable. Oozing with value and insight. Gary has done it again. This is a must buy for any entrepreneur ready to crush it!
  • Wow

    By Uabblazer50
    I have followed Gary closely the last 6 months which led me to read this book. Just like his social posts, he is aggressive but very practical. This is a short but direct blueprint on how to build a personal brand from scratch and eventually monetize it. Great read but more importantly beyond useful.
  • Game changer

    By J.Mo24
    Best read of my life. Great balance of teaching valuable business techniques while motivating. Highly recommended!
  • In a day

    By Sean bleyl
    The only reason it gets 4 stars is because it wasn't longer, screw it ill give it that 5th star because its that good. Easy read, easy to follow but very powerful for those looking to find their passion and crush it! Thank you so much Gary for being entertaining, creative and passionate. Reverse the 1,2 ,3's was your latest and brilliant!
  • Interesting

    By gdubluv
    A very easy read. I think I finished half the book in one day & I'm a slow reader. The book has some great info pertaining on how to create a presence on the Internet but its slightly dated. But due to the ever evolving world of social media, I highly doubt any book written in the future will be able to remain current with the times. Overall, I enjoyed the book, got some great pointers out of it which I plan to apply, & I would recommend it to anybody.
  • For any business minded person

    By TheRealDreAllDay
    I don't even drink wine, and Gary's message is universal. Worth it for any person looking to hold a brand based in themselves and what they care about.
  • Awesome Book!

    By Marlin*
    I read this book in three days! I could not put it down. There is a wealth of information that will work. I immediately followed some of the advice and reaping great results!
  • Inspiring

    By jasont_03
    If you are unfamiliar with Gary you should check out a few of his shows or interviews before reading this book. Doing so will help you understand the true passion that he speaks about throughout this book. Really enjoyed it!
  • Pre-game Pep Talk

    By Musashi2000
    I don't mean that in a derogatory manner. Gary speaks nothing but truth. It is difficult throughout the written word to completely realize the passion that Gary carries with him. For that reason, I found, while in the book, I was ready to take on the world. Leaving the book and finding the motivation to jump back into it was difficult for me. I am motivated, but would have loved to hear more about how to manage real-life as a transition into a life-style of "Crushing It!" Maye mor real-world stories from others who have successfully made that change in their lives. Good book Gary, look forward to your follow-up.