Book cover - The Kingdom of Malinas - Author E.J. Tett

The Kingdom of Malinas

Author E.J. Tett

  • Release Date: 2009-12-30
  • Genre: Fantasy

The Kingdom of Malinas Summary

The Kingdom of Malinas - Fifteen-year-old Sorrel returns to her home to find it burned and most of her people taken as slaves by Corrinus, the new ruler of Malinas. She's devastated to find her mother is amongst them and swears to rescue her. But her older brother Leif sends her to seek an army, while he remains with the survivors, teaching them to fight. It hurts that everyone says she's too small and too weak to fight, because she wants so much to be like her dead father - a great warrior - but she does as she's told.

She travels across country with her seer friend and faces many dangers – from mysterious grey wraiths to the crazed follower of Corrinus. She set out to find an army but instead, she returns with a dragon.