Book cover - The Power of Now - Author Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

Author Eckhart Tolle

  • Release Date: 2010-10-06
  • Genre: Spirituality
Our score: 4.5
From 2,341 Ratings

The Power of Now Summary

The Power of Now - This #1 New York Times bestseller is now available in paperback. Powerful, direct, heartfelt and transformative, the words in The Power of Now can change readers’ lives.

The Power of Now Review

  • Power of Now

    By Chazaq Achee
    This brother is blessing those that read and apply such a beautiful perspective as to what this all is, who we are. All love for the beautiful share by brother Tolle. Thank you
  • Unleashed Cages Bird

    By Shae Ransom
    This book was a deep, interpersonal study for me that I chose to dig deeply into for a full 90 days. Prior to obtaining this book into my realm of presence, I had already seemingly become enlightened and had accepted my life path of communication & chose to pursue my purpose of life coaching and motivational speaking after getting a enormous spiritual awakening and crossing a battle exactly one year ago. But before getting this book, I had some pain bodies that I didn’t quite know how to move past such as child, mother, father , and regret wound of what I felt was losing out on love because of my choice to be conscious in choosing to walk away from a painful marriage and get divorced and choice. to raise my children alone, and seemingly being unable to find “love & friendship ” I needed, but I knew this was keeping me from fully pursuing my passion to its limitless ability because they were all pain bodies for me and when running into clients of this sort, it made it hard to help them overcome because I too had to relinquish & surrender. After taking the necessary time, I realized that I understood I held the power but that my pain bodies still ruled me because of my power of my need for rescuing in another sort, form or fashion when I just needed to rescue myself. During the course of this book, I faced my own internal and outward battles, but obtained the strength to live in the Now, surrender and fix my pain and much as Maya Angelou describes in the caged bird, “ The caged bird sings with a fearful trill of things unknown but longed for still and his tune is heard on the distant hill for the caged bird sings of freedom.” Thanks Eckhert Tolle— a much needed read to obtain my true surrender to the presence of just Being and fulfilling my passionate calling for the rest of the eternal Universe 💫
  • Best Book I have read

    By Sayso1985
    This book is Amazing. From the beginning to the end I was Very Present. It gave me a whole different outlook on life. Wow I would recommend it to everybody. If you want to change for the better this is The One
  • The Power of Now

    By Disincor
    Thought provoking, an interesting take on dealing with life. It would take a lot of effort and strength to implement. I have been taking the author’s advice and implementing in my own life and as long as I don’t let my mind wander it does make a difference.
  • Reading for the rest of my life

    By Ric Borges
    This book is a guide and a reference for all of us in the planet
  • The power of now

    By NiyaLacey111
    Beautiful book. Would recommend to everyone. Such an eye-opener i loved it!
  • Great

    By kingtrell333
    This book was a blessing too me love all read it it’s extremely good and now
  • Author

    By Hahehaihajsbsjbd
    The author definitely took some kind of psychedelics in his lifetime and became “enlightened”
  • Required reading

    By sisib1213
    Definitely required reading for those of us on our journeys toward enlightenment and spirituality. I am grateful that this book came to me. Please read it and give it thought. It is here to help you and support your growth.
  • This Book Changed My Life

    By Juan Summer
    Every word of this book feels and rings true. The moment something starts feeling difficult to understand I know there was resistance from my ego to a deeper truth. I worked with this book and I overcame a very painful break up and some difficult situations at work. This book is amazing, I has helped me relate in a healthier way with everyone around me, helped me overcome a lot of past and accumulated pain. just reading a sentence brings me back to the present moment and I start disolving my anxiety. Defenitly have to read it again.


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