Book cover - New American Standard Bible - Author The Lockman Foundation

New American Standard Bible

Author The Lockman Foundation

  • Release Date: 1995-01-01
  • Genre: Bibles
Our score: 3.5
From 459 Ratings

New American Standard Bible Summary

New American Standard Bible - Optimized specifically for this eReader to maximize ease of use and a pleasant experience.  Includes Red Lettering, Italics, and navigation controls to move around books, chapters, and verses quickly and intuitively.  Works well on larger and smaller screens.

New American Standard Bible Review

  • Response to person who thinks this should be free.

    By 01glen
    The sharing of the Bible should be free. You are correct when you say some have made profit by pretending to be followers of God. Men have worked to put this application together so people can learn of God. They are not trying to sell inferior sacrifices to the people. There is no intent to become wealthy off This product. It is a learning tool, not a sacrifice. It also says in the Word, that the laborer is worthy of his hire. The labor is evident. The product does need work, and hopefully they are working on fixing the bugs. Then their efforts can be considered labor worthy of their hire. Sometimes Christians are no different than those who do not know the Lord. They want everything for nothing. This application is not salvation. Salvation should be offered freely. But a great tool should have a price to it, so the student will value the tool placed in his hands. If you can't afford to purchase the app, there are ways you can go about it to obtain it free. Be thankful there are laborers who try to earn a living making useful tools to learn. Shame on those who try to think everything is free. God meant for us to work for certain things. Salvation is freely given. Tools to learn come with a price.
  • Great read

    By SamJaya
    I have found freedom for myself within these pages This book contains everything. Things such as war and angry God a gracious God a merciful God a God who gave himself for his people would believe on him life death and most of all great mystery. For me this book is my trut h my light into my life and the world I live in. I have found this book to contain great wisdom.
  • Update

    By SJaneHunter
    The app keeps telling me it needs to update. I click update, it pretends to start and then no go. Please repair!
  • NASB

    Having trouble navigating this app in System 7. Tried to do the Feb 2013 update on my iPad and it does not update. Based on the previous reviews I'm wondering how your tech-support could be so poor? Come on, we paid too much for this app for it to run so inefficiently!
  • Poor App

    By BassManRay
    I highlighted many verses several months ago. Now, the highlights are in the wrong places making all the work I did worthless. Save your money.
  • New American Standard Bibe

    By Thankful Skipper
    I so enjoyed being able to read my favorite translation of the Bible in ibooks. The ability to highlight and write notes right within the text is invaluable. What a blessing! Skip
  • Frustrating

    By TheJTrain
    I'm sorry to say that since the most recent update, I can no longer use this. I used to use it daily and now it will seldom open and when it does it doesn't navigate well. Also, all of my highlights and bookmarks are misplaced and/or non-existant. I hope to see this working the way it did before. Thank you.
  • Works great!

    By Blue Box Bill
    The glitch has been fixed! It's been the better part of a month since I received an email from tempo4 announcing the repair. I downloaded the updated version and it has worked flawlessly. Thanks to The Lockman Foundation and tempo4. By my count there are about 21 reviews of this book in the iTunes store. Only a couple of them have anything positive to say about the book. By leaving negative reviews online, specifically, reviews which chronicle in one way or another a glitch which no longer exists, iTunes runs the risk of lost business. The positive side to leaving negative reviews online is that consumers can see how quickly the problem was resolved... in less than 60 days. That may seem like a long time in these days of instant gratification and maybe it could have been resolved in less time however what matters is that it was resolved.
  • NASB

    By Micosito
    Can't complete the downloading for the new fix.
  • Book finally fixed!

    By CaravanMom
    I love this Book and I'm so happy it is working again!!! Way to go fixing it! It's great on my iPad and my new iPhone 5. Beautiful way to read the Word.


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