Book cover - A Nanny for Keeps - Author Liz Fielding

A Nanny for Keeps

Author Liz Fielding

  • Release Date: 2010-08-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

A Nanny for Keeps Summary

A Nanny for Keeps - Jacqui Moore is on the run—from being a nanny! She can'tbear the thought of getting close to a child again, only tolose that love in the space of a heartbeat. Until she meetslittle orphaned Maisie, and is railroaded into becoming hernanny for the night.Nights turn into days…and weeks…and now Jacqui'semotions are in turmoil. For, along with Maisie, the master ofthe house—magnificent yet scarred Harry Talbot—has stolenher heart. And now there's nowhere to run and hide.…