Book cover - David Copperfield - Author Charles Dickens

David Copperfield

Author Charles Dickens

  • Release Date: 1934-01-01
  • Genre: Classics
Our score: 4.5
From 1,255 Ratings

David Copperfield Summary

David Copperfield - The novel traces the life of David Copperfield from the time of his birth to his mature manhood, when he is married and familiar with the vicissitudes of life. His early years are enjoyable with his mother — who was widowed shortly before his birth — and with her servant, Peggotty. Life is happy for David until his mother decides to marry Mr. Murdstone; afterward, life becomes unbearable for David. He is soon sent to a miserable school where he becomes friendly with James Steerforth, a fellow student.

David Copperfield Review

  • Read it when you are older.

    By ltcfearless
    Not a book to be read by young students. Should be read when the reader has some years and life experience under his/her belt. Then one can really appreciate it.
  • Worth the effort

    By Resonation
    This is definitely a 19th century novel. At times a little syrupy and Mr Micawber is verbose. But it is an engaging story and hard to put down. I think the most stunning section of the book was how DC was treated by his stepfather Mr. Murdstone. Though not graphic by current standards, I can imagine how shocking it was to read at the time. Victorian England could be very brutal. This is a good read. Can’t beat the price either.
  • WOW!

    By Daily Grateful!
    All loose ends tied! Each character described masterfully! I now know each one well. What a journey with Trot!
  • David Cooperfield

    By Fredfc
    One of the best books ever written
  • David (Doady, Trotwood) Copperfield

    By Onion Bob
    Turnoff your television and devote an hour a night to read Dickens masterpiece, David Copperfield. Written beautifully in an era when reading was one of the greatest joys (and skills) a person could enjoy. Rich characterization, detailed descriptions and colorful dialectic quotes make this a story for the ages. Success and failure, love and loathing, kindness and abuse, fidelity and betrayal, this partial autobiographical tome is wonderful. Give yourself the gift of reading it.
  • Awesome book!

    By EpicAlexO.
    I got this book from my grandma for a Mac book air 2, I had to read classics, 15 of them including Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. David Copperfield is an exciting story and I recommend it 1000 stars. Be careful, it is 1430 pages lol.
  • What a wonderfully articulate read!!

    By SteveClark590
    It took a few chapters to adjust to the mastery of Dickens' eloquence, but it was well worth the effort. He takes you into the intimacy of thoughts through such deft subtlety while maintaining that British politeness and propriety. A master storyteller; always leading you into the next vividly crucial scene. Excellent! Excellent!
  • Worth the time.

    By Three96
    It took quite some time to read this classic work. But it was well worth it. It is a great study of the human condition with key insights into Dickens' childhood and life growing up in the early 1800's England.
  • David Copperfield

    By Mcchhh
    This book is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I feel as if I have been living in 19th Century England. Dickens has a remarkable ability for getting at the essence of human nature.
  • Long but good

    By Sdkb
    I very much enjoyed the characters and story. Sometimes the description or dialogue would get to be too much and I'd skim over some but I did fall in love with Mr. Copperfield and his tale.