Book cover - P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission - Author Beth Cornelison

P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission

Author Beth Cornelison

  • Release Date: 2010-11-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission Summary

P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission - When his father is found dead in Honey Creek for the second time, private investigator Peter Walsh becomes fixated on finding the killer. He can't count on the sheriff, a Colton, to dig very deeply. But someone—a very beautiful someone—thinks the single dad is digging too deeply: Lisa Navarrone, his son's teacher.

Lisa helps Peter reconnect with the child he loves so much, but finds her own connection to him getting stronger with each breathless moment. A painful secret has kept her alone for years, yet she can't help but picture a future for the three of them. And when the boy is threatened, the new lovers must team up for the fight of their lives….