Book cover - His Private Pleasure - Author Donna Kauffman

His Private Pleasure

Author Donna Kauffman

  • Release Date: 2010-11-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

His Private Pleasure Summary

His Private Pleasure - Having control is good…

Enough is enough! When Liza Sanguinetti realizes that her pastrelationships have been as shallow as her Hollywood lifestyle,she decides it's time to get a better grip on reality. But maybe herattempt at celibacy at the same time is pushing it! After stumblinginto Canyon Springs, New Mexico, on an extended vacationand getting an eyeful of the sexy town sheriff, she knows this isone vow she'll be delighted to break.…

But sometimes losing control is even better!Dylan Jackson, an ex-vice cop, is a man with little time for Liza'sbig-city ways—he left his taste for that kind of woman back inVegas…or so he thinks. Yet Liza's need for control in allsituations piques his libido, and soon the battle to dominatebegins…starting in the bedroom.