Book cover - Seven Days to Forever - Author Ingrid Weaver

Seven Days to Forever

Author Ingrid Weaver

  • Release Date: 2010-11-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Seven Days to Forever Summary

Seven Days to Forever - ON DANGEROUS GROUND…

Dark, Predatory, Gorgeous. Those thoughts and more went through Abbie Locke's mind the first time she laid eyes on Delta Force Sergeant Flynn O'Toole. She'd mistakenly picked up a ransom, and now it was up to the courageous Eagle Squadron soldier to protect Abbie from terrorists.

Though passion coursed through his veins, the commitment-phobic commando shielded his heart. But when Abbie fell into enemy hands Flynn suddenly saw his future without her — bleak, empty, devoid of her beautiful smile. Now that she was in the line of fire, he would do anything to save her life—including risking his own!


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