Book cover - Mistress by Midnight - Author Nicola Cornick

Mistress by Midnight

Author Nicola Cornick

  • Release Date: 2010-11-23
  • Genre: Romance
Our score: 4
From 14 Ratings

Mistress by Midnight Summary

Mistress by Midnight - Merryn Fenner is on a mission to ruin the Duke of Farne. A beautiful bluestocking with a penchant for justice, Merryn has waited ten years to satisfy her revenge against sensual, mysterious Garrick Northesk. Her family name had been tarnished at his hands, her life destroyed. And now she intends to return the favor—by finding the true heir to the duke's title and disinheriting Garrick.

Yet when a disaster traps Merryn and Garrick together, white-hot desire stirs between the two sworn enemies. Her reputation utterly compromised, Merryn is forced to do the one thing she cannot bear: accept the scandalous marriage proposal of the man she has vowed to ruin.