Book cover - Practical Argumentation (1909) - Author George K. Pattee

Practical Argumentation (1909)

Author George K. Pattee

  • Release Date: 2009-02-01
  • Genre: Writing

Practical Argumentation (1909) Summary

Practical Argumentation (1909) - Practical advice by an assistant professor of English and Rhetoric at Penn State College, first published in 1909. According to the Preface: " The author's aim has been to produce a book that is practical,-- practical from the student's standpoint, and practical from the teacher's standpoint. The study of Argumentation has often been criticized for being purely academic, or for being a mere stepping-stone to the study of law. It has even been said that courses in Argumentation and Debate have been introduced into American colleges and universities for no other purpose than to give the intellectual student the opportunity, so long monopolized by his athletic classmate, to take part in intercollegiate contests. The purpose of this book is to teach Argumentation, which is not a science by itself but one of the four branches of Rhetoric, in such a way as to remove these criticisms."


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