Book cover - The Cowboy's Baby Surprise - Author Linda Conrad

The Cowboy's Baby Surprise

Author Linda Conrad

  • Release Date: 2011-01-17
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Cowboy's Baby Surprise Summary

The Cowboy's Baby Surprise - THE STRANGER IN HER ARMS

More than a year had passed since FBI agent Carly Mills's partner disappeared without a trace. Then, just when she'd almost given up hope, she found him, working as a cowboy on a Texas ranch. But, incredibly, he had no memory of his true identity—or the shattering passion they had once shared…

She ached to take Witt Davidson in her embrace and tell him who he really was, what he had always meant to her. But what if he could never remember the sizzling desire that had constantly flashed between them? And what would he do when he learned of the beautiful child their love had created…?