Book cover - Destitute On His Doorstep - Author Helen Dickson

Destitute On His Doorstep

Author Helen Dickson

  • Release Date: 2011-02-01
  • Genre: Historical

Destitute On His Doorstep Summary

Destitute On His Doorstep - Destitute and desperate, Jane Lucas knows there is one place where she can find refuge—her childhood home.

Landing on the doorstep, Jane is confronted with a new lord of the manor! Devilish Colonel Francis Russell is known for his fierce reputation in battle. The civil war may be ended but, by stepping over the threshold, Jane fears she's crossing enemy lines.

She will use every weapon in her arsenal to claim the home that's rightfully hers, starting with her bewitching charm…but then she goes and falls under the colonel's spell!